We Provide Our Members With Unique Competitive Advantages

An Ecosystem That Reduces Costs

We know what our members are looking for. 

IRED provides an environment that promotes innovation, reduced operating costs & fosters sustainability. 

Renewable Resources
  • Low cost, renewable power generated from landfill gas and/or other renewable sources.
  • Competitive resources for the production of heating, refrigeration and drying.
Prevent Expenditures 
  • Prevent capital expenditures by foregoing the cost of building new infrastructure.
  • The acquisition of raw materials & disposal of waste byproducts through symbiotic relationships with other members.
  • 90% of Florida’s population is located within a 3-4 hour drive distance from the IRED facility. 
  • Florida’s ports & shipping lanes are in relatively close proximity.
  • Business friendly climate on both a state and local level.

International Exposure

& Local Introductions

We advocate for our members by providing opportunities for international exposure through our member showcase as well as offer introductions to key local officials & institutions.

Network Opportunities

Indian River Eco-District is reshaping how business innovation can partner with environmental & community stewardship; our members benefit from being on the forefront of IRED’S story through the exposure provided, in addition to tangible benefits.

Part Of The Community

We aren’t just in the local community, we are part of it. Helping our members make the right local connections is just one way we help them gain competitive advantages & benefit from relationships with the local business community. 

Green Values, Valued

If we could sum up the ideals of IRED in one word, it would be “ecovation“. We are innovating a business environment that combines environmental stewardship with sustainable profitability for all our members; we call that ecovation.

Byproducts Into Resources 

Instead of paying for the removal of waste byproducts our members are strategically selected so that one company’s waste byproduct is a resource for another. This allows each member to benefit from the symbiotic relationships. 

Communicating Clearly & Broadly 

We pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of innovation. Our members are able to utilize the IRED members’ exclusive web badge. This is used on social media & websites to highlight their commitment to being “green” & innovative. 



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